Republicans solution

Believing in more strict punishments may be the best prevent future crime. This should be complemented by reforming prisons to present this idea. More stringent sentencing laws, death penalties and harsher punishments are just a few methods. That could make much better and safer picture, especially for monstrous crimes. By them, some criminals should not be eligible for parole leading only to a solution of the death penalty. Of course, there are some alternative solutions when it is appropriate such as rehabilitation programs or community based one. Repeated and violent crimes should, on the other hand, be strictly enforced and under harsh penalty. Sounds cruel but supporting the death penalty is truly their belief in dealing best with future crimes.


While many think that with reducing many spending Republicans are also cutting funds for rehabilitation programs because they don’t believe in their efficiency, it is not like that. There are many Republicans that support and see these programs, in addition to treatment facilities in ohio, as a great way to solve problems with alcohol, drug, and mental issues. But most of all strong families and caring communities supported by excellent law enforcement are the basis of all this story. By providing and reinforcing best ethical standards and setting great behavior examples, there will be accomplished much better results in fighting with destructive and dangerous behaviors. Well trained enforcement is here to protect in cases that are not effected by these standards and are dangerous for weak and vulnerable.

Democrats prevention

There is more need for education and jobs than in jail and incarceration investing. Imprisoned individuals should have a chance to successfully re-enter society again by passing through rehabilitation and reentry programs. Great bond and understanding should be made between law enforcement and the community.  By investing in the training of law enforcement, encouraging in making better relations with the community, using body cameras and thinking twice before using a weapon in unnecessary situations, great progress will for sure be made.  Profiling individuals by ethnicity, religious or race should be ended in every possible way.


The death penalty is cruel and unusual form and shouldn’t have a place in America. Even though there are more Democrats recently supporting the death penalty as an effective preventive measure. Especially when crime cases include the murder of policeman and terrorist. One is for sure, it must not be arbitrary and should include DNA testing. In all death row cases, post-conviction reviews and counsel assistance should be mandatory.

A number is always saying some clearer picture of most things and so about crime. The fact that almost 25 percent of the world’s prison inmates are in America says a lot. Even to those two parties who agree on many solutions about crime in their country. Criminal justice reform made these two parties work together in the past several years. Cooperation made it to significant progress of reducing the number and severity of real crimes.