Republican determination

Business regulations should provide confidence to companies and consumers. Every American citizen deserves the right to build, invest and own. They believe in the importance of small business as the foundation of the American economy.Encouraging investments in small business and making credit more available. Auditing Federal Reserve is in great need of them and needs to be isolated from political pressures. Decisions about it only have to be made on a range of economic principles. There are many of their propositions about Budget reform. They want to prevent Congress way of using tax hikes to balance the Budget.


Tax increases should be required by a super-majority and tax system maximum simplified. Belief about taxes also lies in the fact that only acceptable role of tax is in funding national security. And care for those who are not in possibility to care for themselves. They want to provide more benefit with the reformed tax system to families and children. More aggressiveness and competition in the promotion of great American products abroad would bring great benefits to all and should also be supported by the tax system. All types of retroactive taxation are not an option, and they want no taxation for donations in order of religious organizations and charities. One of the main keys to economic growth lies in the infrastructure development.

Democrat’s discipline

Fiscal discipline is a source of economic flourish in America. Fewer costs in government, opening new bigger markets for American products and improving Social Security and Medicare are some of the main goals Democrats are trying to achieve. Middle-out economy is one of their paths to rebuild the again strong foundation. The middle class is one that will bring prosperity in the future and for that hard work should be rewarded and motivationally paid off with improving every talent. Providing Low Income Housing Tax Credit and reducing mortgage interest are just once of their steps to help middle class and families to own their homes with much less stress. Restoring Budget should be done by more discipline with taxing middle class less and upper class more.


Also well-educating workers going through improved skill training programs are something they want to see more in the future. This for sure will bring an only positive contribution to economics. Small business is the main engines driving America and its nation to great prosperity. But they see it different than Republicans, instead of guaranteeing success. They support hiring new workers by increasing conditions and tax relief. Strengthening Medicare and supporting Affordable Care Act is just one of many signs Democrats want to provide high-quality care to Americans. Also supporting stem cell researches like lots of other show they want to develop treatments and cures.

As Democrats are often accused of spending and not being able to cut the budget. Republicans. Are on the other way accused of targeting researches of great benefit for people. But the fact there is a budget deficit for nearly three decades under both administrations gives much clearer picture, or not?