Republicans view

Use of the oil and natural gas reserves is the main pathway to an independent energy source, especially as these reserves in America are significantly high. By using natural resources, they have a vision of creating more job positions. But because of that, this party passed through a lot of criticism.But this is not their only vision. They also support long-term energy independence by supporting the development of renewal resources. Here they are into a more aggressive strategy for development hydro, geothermal, wind, solar and biomass energy. This view has become so stronger over the past years that they made even strategy of a long-term tax credit for investing in renewable energy. They also support a mixture of traditional and renewable energy industry leading to a more aggressive development how of the economy also for the environment.


The important thing in this is that taxpayers don’t have to pay for them. As for the environment, its conservation should be properly balanced with development of the economic. Economic growth must be equal to the conservation. Support of public access to the public lands should be tailored to the needs of the properties they regulate. For Republicans best advance of environmental causes is made on private lands, so the security of these is in the first place. Economic prosperity is best achieved by market-based solutions which also protect the environment. One of the best known is Clear Skies Project supported by Republicans which is supporting reduce of gas emissions from power plants. Fact is any energy source, or environment view is good, traditional or renewable, as long it provides economic growth and financial development.

Democrats view

Preserving environmental and energy resources for future generations is an increasingly important issue. Resource and environmental development should be in balance. Use of oil and gas is not the solution to them for America becoming energy independent. Sensitive public land should be preserved and not be opened for public observation. By them country’s chance for energy independence lies in green energy sources. Democrats support investments in the clean and renewable source of energy as well in all researches connected to this. They believe that by mid-century America could be running on clear energy.


Reducing the effect of climate change is also one of the solutions they support. By guarding the quality of water, land, and air and protecting America’s natural resources. We may hope to get fast energy independence and proliferation. They even want to tax greenhouse gases to use. The money for the transition to clean energy use. This view is also devoted to endorsing technology which supports healthy environment and economy, including opening many new job positions. Promoting cleaner fuels and electrification of vehicles are just some of their ideas to get the economy away from using oil resources.